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Hello, Thanks For Stopping by, Howard   '73
My Interests, Participation and Membership in The Following:
[ AMSAT Membership # 35376]
[ SkyWarn Spotter ID: 005-238]
 AMSAT-UK UO-11 Satellite 
Contact: 03/01/2004
Member: Amber Alert Net
EchoLink Node: 125407
Satellite Tracking
Member: Under old Call: KG4OJS  
ARRL Member:
Satellite Tracking.
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Future Membership
Member:  WeatherMatrix

     Million Veterans March  2006
US Capitol Grounds: Washington, DC

IS-100    Introduction to the Incident Command
              System,               2/23/2006                        
IS-700    National Incident  Management 
               Systems (NIMS)           2/24/2006           IS-200    ICS for Single Resorces and
               Initial Action Incidents  2/21/2007      


                                            SkyWarn Spotter Training:
Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt, MD -- WX4LWX    Sterling, VA     Spotter ID: SPN56
Ashland Sheriff"s Office, Ashland,  OH --  WCLE       Cleveland, OH   Spotter ID: 005-238
IS-800A  National Response Plan (NRP),
               Introduction                  4/16/2007
ARECC  Level 1    12/11/2005
Weather Maps and Information
ARECC  Level 2    07/13/2007
ARECC  Level 3    02/23/2008
Member: December 05, 2007 TRAINING: October 28th, 2014
Instructor: Mrs. Kathy Thompson ---1-937-798-9271
Location: Bible Baptist Church
West Union, OH               45693
SA-Introduction to The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services -- Division SWO
  Member: WRRL - 228
Previous Amateur Call --  KG4OJS
Member: April 24, 2008

U.S. Marine Corps Marathon  2003/2004/2005...Vehicle placard for 2005 and ID for 2003 and 2005 lost.
Monitors Net when Hurricanes are 300 miles near or on US Territory and Net is Activated
NEW: EC-001  ARRL ARECC  Section  27093
                   Introduction to EmComm: 
A combination  of Levels 1,2 and 3                            
               Completion Date:  09/05/2011
Member: December 05, 2007 Eastern Territory
Past DAV Recruiter
Member: October 23, 2010     OMISS #: 7211