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Hello, Thanks For Stopping by, Howard   '73
My Interests, Participation and Membership in The Following:
[ AMSAT Membership # 35376]
[ SkyWarn Spotter ID: 005-238]
 AMSAT-UK UO-11 Satellite 
Contact: 03/01/2004
Member: Amber Alert Net
EchoLink Node: 125407
Satellite Tracking
Member: Under old Call: KG4OJS  
ARRL Member:
Satellite Tracking.
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Future Membership
Member:  WeatherMatrix

     Million Veterans March  2006
US Capitol Grounds: Washington, DC

IS-100    Introduction to the Incident Command
              System,               2/23/2006                        
IS-700    National Incident  Management 
               Systems (NIMS)           2/24/2006           IS-200    ICS for Single Resorces and
               Initial Action Incidents  2/21/2007      


                                            SkyWarn Spotter Training:
Goddard Space Center, Greenbelt, MD -- WX4LWX    Sterling, VA     Spotter ID: SPN56
Ashland Sheriff"s Office, Ashland,  OH --  WCLE       Cleveland, OH   Spotter ID: 005-238
IS-800A  National Response Plan (NRP),
               Introduction                  4/16/2007
ARECC  Level 1    12/11/2005
Weather Maps and Information
ARECC  Level 2    07/13/2007
ARECC  Level 3    02/23/2008
Member: December 05, 2007 TRAINING: October 28th, 2014
Instructor: Mrs. Kathy Thompson ---1-937-798-9271
Location: Bible Baptist Church
West Union, OH               45693
SA-100 Introduction to The Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services -- SWO Division
  Member: WRRL - 228:
  Net no longer exsists.
Previous Amateur Call --  KG4OJS
Member: April 24, 2008

U.S. Marine Corps Marathon  2003/2004/2005...Vehicle placard for 2005 and ID for 2003 and 2005 lost.
Monitors Net when Hurricanes are 300 miles near or on US Territory and Net is Activated
Section  27093
Introduction to EmComm: 
A combination  of Levels 1,2 and 3  
Completion Date:  09/05/2011
Member: December 05, 2007 Eastern Territory
Past DAV Recruiter
Member: October 23, 2010     OMISS #: 7211
     04/01/2017 OHIO A.R.E.S. Conference.
Marion Tech/OSU Campus; Marion, OH 43302
Why am I glancing to the left? At the 
Awards Ceremony;  Co-workers wanted a "Photo-Shoot"....so, since I have neither a split  personality nor "Multi-Personas"...I  faced the photographer/ forward...and glanced to the left/co-workers.    LOL