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 SEPT. 11 '01
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 Thanks for stopping in my web site.  On 01/21/04 I retired from the Federal Government (US Army Corps
OF Engineers) on Disability.   I'm also a Disabled Veteran; rated 100% (60% Disability + 40%  based on
unemployability.) My VA ID Card allows entry into any Military Post Exchange; MWR and Post
Commissary. Having decided on what to do during my down time, I've decided to compile this Web site showing my interest and involvement in the Amateur Radio World.  After reading up on some of the community and other involvements Ham Operators perform: I've decided to study for my Technician Class License. On 07/06/2001,  I obtained my Tech Ticket. Then on 07/07/2002 I took the General written exam, and received my CSCE. Having procrastinated for the duration of the time to take the CW Exam to become a full General; time lapsed, thus, expiring my General CSCE. On that I've retested for the General Class License, and again received my General CSCE ON 11/01/2003.  My full General Ticket came at a later date:  . March, 2007.  I've just purchased the "Extra Class" License Manual, hopeing to take the test soon.  I'm still thinking of taking the CW Exam for future use.

Born in Washington, D.C., and the seventh of fourteen siblings, I've attended Eastern High School. Entered Active Duty with The US Army in December, 1968, Honorably Discharged December, 1971. My last Active Duty Station was with V-CORPS (Insignia - Chrystler Patch); in Germany. Then my Reserve/National Guard time took me to The DCARNG's HHC 1/380th Infantry Unit, in which I was Honorably Discharged November 1974. I've attended  a few Accredited Colleges; and have taken other Training Courses for a total of 89.5 CEU's (Continuing Education Units).  I've also serve as a DAV Member Recruiter (while QTH'ed in Virginia).  For those Veterans and Auxiliary Members (of all Era's) who have not yet joined the DAV. Please Contact A DAV National Service Office Near you, Or Contact me for Membership Form and other information.
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So --  Come on in, and look around My Radio Room.......
NOTE:  A few pages are still under construction -- I'll have them up later.

Hope you'll  enjoy the visit..
Best Regards and 73......Howard.....w1wmj.....Ashland, OH

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