Antenna Preparation & Installation
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 2 Days prior to Contact Day
The AAARC & The St. Edward Catholic School; of Ashland, OH  44805
  Unrolling the Rotor Control Cables
      Preparing to wire Az/EL Rotors
       Installing 2m/70cm Antennas
  Making coax and rotor connections

     Club member George, looks on
   Steve assists with antenna mount
  Antenna coax being lowered to rig
 Final inspection & ground rod check
Rotors tested & calibrated due north
   Wiring the rotor control module
      Ham rigs/equipment to be used
 Club member Chuck, and I at laptop
 Empty now, but will be full contact day
Sat. image from laptop to screen
Software used: Nova for Windows
  Laptop: Toshiba Satellite A105-S2141
        Club member Doyle's setup
Rig; Power Supply & 50/160 w  Amp
AMSAT Official: Steve Michalski              Club Member:  Doyle Braun
School Principal: Sue Valentine               Club Member:  Chuck Hensel
George with Local News Media
After a successful contact with the ISS ( International Space Station):

George, Steve, Doyle, Myself and Mrs. Sue Valentine: (Principle of St.
Edward Catholic School, Ashland, OH) who; with the alliance of The
AAARC, ventured in to the vastness of Outer Space; to reach out and  touch Astronaut Koichi Wakata and other Crew Members of the ISS.
Great Job Guys:  Best Regards and '73

Astronaut Koichi Wakata
ISS-Contact Preparation Day: