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Principle Sue introduces school to AAARC Members and AMSAT
Official Steve Michalski
Club member George speaks on Ham Radio; The ARRL & The ISS
George directs schools attention on the path of the ISS
Again, George gives more insight on the ARRL and AMSAT
Club member Doyle touches on how Amateur Radio Operators uses different modes of Communications.
As T-Minus Contact nears; Students line up to talk with Astronaut
Koichi Wakata. They have a ten minute window.
Preparing for his NA1SS De: Initial Contact with the ISS, George
waits for the ISS to reach "Observer" "AOS" for contact
Students filled with anticipation, waits nervously for their turn at
the mic
As Students are having a QSO with the ISS; I'm monitoring the 
antenna movement from a camera outside "via" a monitor inside
Principle Sue, keeps her students in check before the QSO.
Doyle at the helm of the Primary Rig; and Chuck is ready to take
control at a moments notice if the occasion should arise, with the 
Backup system.
Doyle, uplinking Audio feed to another amateur frequency by way of
SKYPE, another digital mode of communications.
St. Edward Catholic School Students and Teachers, await the 
final countdown for the "open window" (AOS)  to the ISS.
Now we all can put our minds at ease.
My "RS" Report ----Good Signal---Good Contact---Good Luck  ISS.
"Click" on arrow to the left of the Real Player Recorder to hear the actual Transmission from St. Edward School to the ISS (International Space Station),   as Students questions Astronaut Koichi Wakata.   Note: There will be a brief  
delay shortly after start-up.                    [Are your speakers on?]

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St. Edwards School & International Space Station Contact on 04/21/2009
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