<W1WMJ's CWOP/CoCoRaHS Rain Monitoring>
    [W1WMJ's Personal Amateur Radio Weather Monitoring Station -- Ashland, OH 44805]
            [National Weather Service ID: AT537 ]   [CoCoRaHS: OH-AS-2/Ashland 3.9 SW]
                [Wunderground: KOHASHLA2]   [PWSweather: WXASH]   [CWOP:DW5146]
Citizen Weather Observer Program ID: W1WMJ/DW5146
Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow ID:  Station #: OH-AS-2  Station Name: Ashland 3.9 SW
Weather Station equipment  purchased from Peetbros.com
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Ultimter 2100 Weather
Station for Ult. 2100/800
The Weather Picture
Laptop 1: Software-Virtual WX Station
Data transmitted 24/7 to (UI-View) 
Packet Radio Website; APRS Net USA;
and APRS Database
Computer 2: Software- WX Defender-
Monitoring Storms at Street Level and
listing all Skywarn Repeater Locations.
Laptop 2: Software- Weather Display
Data transmitted 24/7 to CWOP/NOAA
and Findu.com. (APRS Logging).
 Click image to Link to findu.com
 Links to CWOP/NOAA ; TBA

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Unimount Sensor Array -- Includes: 8" Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge; Humidity/Temperature Sensor, with Solar Radiation Shield; Anemometer/Wind Vane; 5 ft. Tripod, and Junction Box and Cables.